About Us

Quotesting Journey

Back in 2016, I was going through a tough time of life. Living away from my family in another city from 7 years had put me into severe depression at times. My personal life as well as my work life was getting affected because of it. But luckily with the help of friends and family, I was able to put myself out of the depression.

It was during that phase when I was crazily looking for motivations and inspirations to get out of it. I used to watch motivational videos and documentaries days and night. It is when I created my instagram account and started following pages that post daily quotes. 

I finally found something that was helpful for me. I started my day with scrolling up and down on Instagram and feeding my mind with all the positivity I needed.

That is when I thought to create a website of my own where I could share the quotes that I personally resonate with and I thought that would be helpful for other people too.

My purpose is to fill people’s life with all the positivity, hope or inspiration they need at their low and dark times.

The idea behind Quotesing

In the world full of blogs with bulky articles, it is very time consuming and hard for people to get short, precise and on point motivational content.

Quotesting is based on the idea of delivering messages in the form of short quotes printed on colorful and vibrant pictures that resonate well with the main theme and gives our audience both wisdom and art in one single graphic item.

Our collection of motivational, inspiration and beautiful quotes printed on warm, colorful and vibrant backgrounds gives our users the pleasure of sharing them with their friends and family. We receive constant feedback on the selection of beautiful pictures we choose. Our audience just love it.

Life has taught me many lessons and I am grateful for each one of the.

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